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    Linda Dunn

    Linda has enjoyed 29 years of bringing out the best practices and productivity of business women and men. She has worked with professionals who, with personalized, principled centered coaching, have enjoyed a professional and personal transformation. She is a graduate of the Direct Sales World Alliance Coach Accreditation program and is a Certified Coach.  As a coach, Linda views herself as a partner with her clients, with an eye to helping them fulfill their professional and personal goals.  Coaching with Linda helps you discover your abundant wisdom and business strengths.

    Linda has been the head of Sales, Field Development and Training at several direct to consumer companies. She personally identified and oversaw a successful business relationship with each company’s highest potential leaders.  As a coach, Linda had the pleasure of working with leaders with a variety of skills and talents.  That work provided her with a broad scope of experience with various methodologies, concepts and business styles. Her passion has always been to help business professionals put their unique strengths and greatness to work in their businesses every day.