About EBW2020

We are a Global Community of Business Women

Empowering Ourselves & One Another to Accelerate Our Journeys to a Thriving Future

Our Mission

Our Purpose: To empower women to build a global sustainable future through the elevation of women, and to demystify and democratize access to capital resources for women everywhere.

Our Goal: To deliver a complete system, combining mentorship & training along with products and services, to current and future female entrepreneurs, which will allow them to build businesses of sustained value and create the economic & social progress the world desires.

We are a global movement giving inspired women of purpose and impact access to mentorship, community, education, financial literacy and a powerful network to succeed as leaders and entrepreneurs.

Using technology & community, we are democratizing and scaling mentorship for women with a mission to “change the ratio” and with a goal to Empower a Billion Women by 2020. Together, we are creating a global sustainable future for all generations.


The Leaders Behind EBW

Ingrid Vanderveldt
Founder & CEO

Regeanie Corona
Interim COO

Darla Malone
VP of Strategic Alliances

Pam Pike
Executive Assistant to CEO

Jeanette Mandy
Executive Director of The EBW Foundation

Meredith Davis
Director of Digital Strategy

Erin Vanderveldt
Director of Marketing & Strategic Investments

Robin Emmerich
Director of Soul Proprietor

JB Hager
Head of EBW Studios

Reid Mangan
Content Director

Emra Wagner Smith
Director of EBW Chapters