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Starting at $150/hour

YOUR EBW Concierge Coach is your private personal coach that will check in with you each month, talk with you about your plan and your goals and will be your point person for help you need with any of our Specialized Coaches.

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EBW Certified Coaches

Soul Proprietor Coaches

Finding what you want in The Soul Proprietor? Wanting to take your knowledge to the next level and begin to bring abundance into all aspects of your life? Then our Soul Proprietor Coaches might be right for you.

Wealth & Worth Coaches

Bridging the psychology of money and spirituality to help women entrepreneurs overcome any limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to wealth so they can increase their confidence and own their worth. This results in their ability to increase their income, impact and influence via a thriving business.

Financial Planners

Work with our EBW Certified CPA and CFP Financial Planners to help you get on a plan to help you and your business reach your financial goals.