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Planning Your Way To Success, Ann-Christine Langsellius’ Path To The Top


A former athlete, Ann-Christine Langsellius is an investor, programmer, and investor who have been changing the perception of the world about women.

Born into a Swedish family, Ann-Christine Langsellius is the daughter of a former award winning United Nations peacekeeper in Congo and the inventor of what could be the saving grace of humanity in the face of unending wildfires that destroys habitats, lives and properties every year.

Towing a path of creativity and ingenuity, Ann-Christine Langsellius joined the Swedish Air Force after finishing her high school a year after the Swedish Government lift the ban on women joining the military.

Heading several critical and important departments in the military, she developed her skills as a programmer and a researcher.

After six years of an engaging career in the military, she left and married her husband, an American.

She later moved to Germany and worked with a recycling and environmental protection company.

With her MBA, Ann-Christine Langsellius proceeded further and obtained a PhD in Psychology.


Her Journey into Entrepreneurship


Being an ambitious and innovative thinker from her childhood days, Ann-Christiene Langsellius engaged her mind and time in many productive and highly successful ventures.

She is the Senior Vice President for Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions at Cellucci Associates Inc. She is also currently the Chief Executive Officer of MG Enterprise Investment Group AB and Miraculum Applications AB.

She currently guides the company development of MG Enterprises Invest group AB in setting targets for increased growth. Through dynamic marketing efforts and creative sales techniques, she has been very successful in advancing the business fortunes of the company.

Engaging in many researches on how to control and prevent both domestic and wild forest fires, her perseverance and intense nature led her to inventing probably the most interesting fire retardant and fire extinguisher the world has ever known. She invented a dynamic and awesome fire retardant, extinguisher and repellent called Miraculum.


Saving Man and Nature


What could be the secret of an invention that prevents, repel and retard wildfires in the forest but yet conserves nature?

Ann-Christine Langsellius invention has led many to changing their view on what women can offer the world.

Coined from the Latin word Miraculum (miracle), this invention is a patented and highly effective product for fighting both structural fire and wildfires. Without killing plants or destroying habitats, this disruptive and ground-breaking technology can prevent, repel and retard wildfire and domestic fire.

Miraculum is a product with European green mark.

Already approved in Sweden and currently being used to prevent and fight fires, Miraculum offers both man and nature; peace and permanence.


Accomplishing Her Missions

Anne-Christine Langsellius unlike most people who seek the easy route to success take a practical and planned route.

During her research into the development of Miraculum, she took a very tough path for her product chemical pattern. She started out setting to get her design approved in the USA where it is more difficult than Europe and other parts of the world.

Many would questioned the option, but Anne-Christiane Langsellius knew that once she get the design approved, getting approval anywhere would be very easy.

This is the story of a fighter, a winner and a positive role model to success seeking women of the world.


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