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Angélica Fuentes is one of Latin America’s most recognized businesswoman and philanthropist and is renowned as one of Mexico’s most influential woman according to Forbes magazine.

angelic-fuentes-quote-01In her thirty-year career, she has served as CEO of a global nutrition company, an international cosmetics brand, and a major natural gas distributor.

In the past 26 years, she has been involved with NGO’s, international organizations and professional groups that support women’s causes. Currently, she co-chairs the ABC Foundation and the World Economic Forum’s Mexico Gender Parity Taskforce, an IMF initiative. She is also a member of the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership, created by Hillary Clinton; she is a Global Defender for the Girl Up campaign, a program of the UN Foundation, and she was the first woman to receive the CEO Leadership Award for championing the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs).

In 2014, she established the Angélica Fuentes Foundation, the philanthropic culmination of her life’s commitment with women’s causes. The Foundation is an organization with headquarters in Mexico and the U.S., focused on Women Empowerment and Gender Equality as one of the most efficient tools for social, economic en environmental development. One of the main initiatives of the Angélica Fuentes Foundation is FoCo, a series of forums that showcase prominent personalities whose aim is to stimulate cooperation and increase the visibility of the subject of women empowerment.


At the Angélica Fuentes Foundation we believe that women empowerment and gender equality are some of the most efficient tools for social, economic and environmental development.
We envision a world in which women and men cooperate and work together in a context of equanimity and equality of opportunities, where women are able to fully participate in all the areas of human endeavor, for their personal wellbeing as well as that of the communities they live in.

Our goal is to promote and encourage gender equality and women empowerment in Latin America as one of the most efficient tools for economic, social and environmental development in the region.
To achieve this goal, we work with a model that seeks to accurately measure the impact we can have in communities and countries where we have a direct or indirect presence, through our programs, our network of organizations or those for which we provide financial support and consulting.

The measurement carried out by the Foundation seeks to define comparative criteria to evaluate the economic participation of men and women, access to education and professional development, as well as pay equity by gender. Likewise, these measurements also allow monitoring the direct impact these rights have on other externalities such as teenage pregnancy, gender violence and access to justice, as well as the well-being and progress of the community in general.


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