EBW2020 Important Announcement + OH Empowerment Circle Gathering!

We are so excited to share an important announcement regarding a groundbreaking new platform, MintHER, that we’ll be launching in March at SxSW! We will follow this announcement with an overview of a recent Empowerment Circle meeting in Ohio!

First, on March 12th, EBW will launch a revolutionary platform called MintHERthat will act as the engine that powers businesses worldwide, and change the landscape in how female entrepreneurs and the corporations seeking to do business with them are matched to fuel their growth. EBW2020 will solve the funding problem for female entrepreneurs once and for all with this monumental new technology, MintHER. Why are we doing this? Consider the stats –

Did you know that:

  • “More than 72 percent of women entrepreneurs said lack of access to capital was a challenge” (7)
  • Women launch businesses with half the capital that their male counterparts do (2)
  • When women do raise money, they are less likely to get it from banks and more likely to turn to friends and family for financing than men. (7)

However, female entrepreneurs are powering growth in the economy:

  • The number of women-owned firms has grown 68 percent since 2007, much higher than the national average of 47 percent. (4)
  • Women-owned businesses have grown five times the national average since 2007 (6)
  • Women-owned businesses generated 13% higher revenues than their male counterparts (8)
  • 500 women-owned businesses are started every day in the US. (9)
  • According to a McKinsey Global Institute Report, “the economy would grow 10-12% by 2025 if women had parity.” (4)
  • In the U.S., women currently control 51%, or $14 trillion, of personal wealth and are expected to control $22 trillion by 2020 (3)

Women are poised for partnership, funding, and support from businesses worldwide. EBW will help female entrepreneurs power their businesses to new heights through our proprietary technology, MintHERMintHER removes huge barriers to doing business between entrepreneurs and corporations. Stay tuned for this important announcement during SxSW 2018!!

And now for our Empowerment Circle Gathering – The Dayton, Ohio EBW Empowerment Circle Meetup during February was a great night of brainstorming, discussion and supporting one another. The local business women and leaders shared success in business growth, a new building for a church plant, coaching results, hiring more employees, new jobs and new beginnings! There is nothing quite like it when women inspire and build one another up!

Lori Kershner is the leader in Dayton, Ohio for EBW2020 and is the Founder & CEO of LMK Advocacy, a full service state and federal government affairs firm. Lori has over a decade of experience at various levels of government, as well as in economic development, grant writing, fund-raising and policy development. LMK has secured millions of dollars for clients in the form of grant and loan programs. LMK has developed strategy for successfully working public policy initiatives through the legislative process from bill draft to law. LMK specializes in building coalitions of key influential leaders to support legislative and ballot initiatives. The company plans and implements grassroots projects at the state and national level. LMK also consults political candidates and issue advocates to victory.

Lori brings great perspective and experience from her years working in the public sector. Prior to entering the private sector, Lori worked at various areas of government including the Ohio House of Representatives and the Office of the Secretary of State. Early in her career, Lori worked on a variety of political campaigns locally and statewide, building relationships across Ohio. She was then hired by the Ohio House of Representatives where she worked as a legislative aide for the Chairman of the Health Committee. Following her work in the legislature, Lori lobbied on behalf of the influential Ohio State Medical Association representing 15,000 physicians to the General Assembly. Lori then ran the Ohio practice of a large government affairs consulting firm for three years before starting LMK Advocacy in order to focus on Ohio government affairs consulting. Additionally, Lori has familiarity and success in grant writing, state incentive packages, grassroots advocacy and policy issues.

In addition to Lori Kershner, LMK Advocacy has a strong network of business partners and affiliates who augment her work in the areas of grassroots, public policy and grant writing.

Join Lori and our other Empowerment Circle leaders at their next meeting. Attend an Empowerment Circle gathering as part of your ONE Club membership!

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