EBW2020’s MintHER: Managing Financials & Allocating Capital

MintHER can help you to get ahold of your financials, while finding debt, equity, and revenue opportunities! Getting your financials in order and accessing those opportunities is critical – as highlighted by one of our entrepreneurs:

I very much find putting together the financials for my business intimidating. It’s the part of the business that I have the biggest love/hate relationship with. I love knowing the numbers and running reports etc. but it’s also the area I know the least about, so it’s very intimidating and I am always second guessing myself. It also takes me much more time than it would if I 100% knew what I was doing.

I would absolutely like to be matched with corporations seeking to do business with women and minority led businesses! Partnering with a corporation, such as through a debt, equity, or revenue opportunity would make a huge difference for our growth! We currently are growing steadily but lack the cash flow to really jump into the market and explode. The demand is there but we are only able to do so much with the staff we have. There is so much we aren’t doing that would make a huge impact on our growth and success if we only had more people and more people requires more money. We are also in the unique position to be working directly with non-profits to deliver a product that they need. Corporate sponsors who could help us would be life changing.

This entrepreneur’s story is exactly why we created MintHER – a fintech solution that uses qualitative and quantitative data to connect founders/ business owners/ innovators with the corporations/ investors and lenders seeking to find, gain access to & do business with one another. MintHER creates access to new markets for corporations and investors and opens access to revenue and capital for business owners seeking to grow and scale.

  • Entrepreneurs use it to optimize their profitability & scaleability
  • Corporations use it to optimize access to innovators, new markets and profitability
  • Investors & lenders use it to optimize to promising deal flow
  • All of them use it to mitigate risk, increase business and grow profitability

Our goal is to use MintHER to help allocate $1B in capital resources towards our EBW2020 vision. With this capital, entrepreneurs will have leverage to make up to $10B in purchases to scale their businesses with the potential to create $100B in global market impact.

MintHER is here to help YOU access these opportunities. You can create a free profile by clicking on the link below! This will allow you to see a sample of the sort of reports that we can create and tailor to you, that will provide you with never before seen insight into your strengths as well as opportunities for how you can make yourself more appealing to investors! Be one of the early adopters in this revolutionary launch! Just click on “Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Create Free Profile” by following this link.

Or you can upgrade for your very own “Money Mentor,” a “Money Business and Growth Coach,” or gain visibility into those sought after revenue and money opportunities to help fuel your business!

Empower On!

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