Empowering a Billion Women Charter January 2015


Empowering a Billion Women (by 2020) Charter January 2015

EBW2020 is the Global Hub Connecting All Womens Empowerment Movements.

EBW2020 exists to provide the tools, technology, and resources to empower women as leaders and also as successful entrepreneurs.  In its simplest form, EBW strives to get a mobile device into the hands of women worldwide creating access to the financial literacy and mentoring needed for success.

At EBW2020, we are Ambassadors to Emerging Business Women Worldwide, providing Mobile, Money, and Mentors, to enable women entrepreneurs globally as leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

We believe women leaders are the key to getting our global, social, economic, and community health turned around. We are a thought leader platform bringing together the top thinkers, leaders, and women entrepreneurs to solve the world’s toughest problems.  We collaborate with business, policy makers, corporations, NGOs, and media aligned with our vision in order to aggregate the ‘best of breed’ solutions for women business owners.

EBW2020 is committed to doing our work with integrity, love, innovation, and gratitude.


We Believe women should have access to education.

We Believe women should have access to technology.

We Believe women should have access to economic opportunities.

We Believe women should have access to healthcare.

We Believe women should live in safety.


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