EBW2020 Upcoming ONE Club lesson + New Empowerment Circle Leaders!

We have exciting updates on the upcoming month’s ONE Club lesson, as well as welcome 3 new Empowerment Circle Leaders!

First, February’s lesson is “Building Relationships – Essentials for Business & Personal Success.” This lesson is taught by Global Director of Empowerment Circles, Emra Smith.

Emra is a Facilitator of HOPE and Chief Encouragement Officer of The HOPE Tech Company, parent company of The HOPE App, which is Your Private Mentor Coach to prevent emotions from escalating when you’re under stress. Keeping you focused on HOPE, not anxiety, depression and being ineffective. Emra is a Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer, and Life Coach for leaders to facilitate change.

This lesson on Building Relationships teaches that while relationships are an essential part of life, they have many complexities and take a lot of work to be successful, worthwhile and long-lasting! February’s ONE Club Lesson looks at the Essentials to Building Relationships for Business and Personal Success. Emra will touch on the pre-requisites of respect, bias, prejudice and dive deep into four essential skills that are needed to build relationships. These skills are giving, self-care, intentional listening and follow-up. In part two later in February we will spend time on communication skills.

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And now, we are excited to announce that we have 3 new Empowerment Circle Leaders! As noted in the last newsletter, we have collectively chosen to transition the name for our monthly meetings from EBW Chapters to EBW Empowerment Circles. Empowerment Circles represents who we are, and what we stand for: a group of women together, strengthening, encouraging, holding one another accountable.

We are so proud of our Empowerment Circle Leaders, and we would like to welcome Melissa Tolud, our new Leader in Amsterdam!

Melissa is the founder of Mellola jewelery, which is inspired by inner strength, and the strength that every woman has inside her. Melissa encourages us to “Shine Bright Like A Power Woman.”

Mellola wants to encourage women’s self-development, because only those who dare exceed their limitations discover what they are truly capable of. This ambition, this sense of boundless potential expresses itself in gorgeous and vibrant jewelry made from sustainable materials: grand and unique, just like you.

Mellola is about becoming the best you, about blossoming and drawing strength from one another. Her necklaces and bracelets are external representations of that internal strength — they are jewelry for Power Women!

About Melissa: After a tragic accident with a sibling, she found her inner strength back. Her personal journey and development have inspired her to pass on her message through jewelry. Her ambition is to talk to a thousand women every year, sharing experiences and learning from each other.

Now for new Empowerment Circle Leaders in London! Please welcome Ann Bird and Suki Fuller.

Ann Bird is the mother of two adult children. She is a former nurse and a Dementia Care Expert. She has cared for people living with dementia for more than a quarter of a century. She has set up a company called Global Dementia Care Ltd, which aims to support, inspire, inform, educate and empower people globally to recognize and understand dementia so they can appropriately care for those living with the condition.

Ann’s goals are:

  1. To educate caregivers as well as the public in general, to improve their knowledge and understanding of dementia as well as the needs of people living with the condition.
  2. To equip caregivers with the competence and confidence needed to provide Person-Centered care, which looks beyond the dementia and sees the person in all their uniqueness.

Through education, discussion and raising awareness, she hopes that her contribution will begin to diminish the stigmas surrounding dementia and enable those in need to be treated and cared for effectively and with the dignity and esteem they deserve.

Next, is Suki Fuller, an Analytical Storyteller and Founder of Miribure – a Strategic & Competitive Intelligence company. Suki tells the story of data by taking you on the journey from data gathering, organizing and analyzing to a point of understanding your next potential chapter.

A noted public speaker and trainer, Suki keynotes events globally and is recognized for early adoption of new technologies in the advancement of competitive intelligence. Her areas of focus lie within agile competitive and emergent strategies for intelligence analysis.

Suki has lived and worked globally (EMEA, China, UK and US) within Academia, National Security, Law Enforcement, and Private Corporations. She is a global judge and mentor at the accelerator MassChallenge; an Advocate for Tech London Advocates (TLA); Mentor Ambassador for TLA – Women in Tech; Coach with Global Women’s Charity – Dress for Success. She is also an advisor, board member and NED to several startups.

We are thrilled to have Melissa, Ann, and Suki join the tribe as Empowerment Circle Leaders! Stay tuned for upcoming Empowerment Circle Gatherings by visiting the following link!

Upcoming Empowerment Circle Meetings

Thank you for your time!  We look forward to speaking with you soon!  Empower On!

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