February ONE Club lesson South Africa launch!

We have some exciting news to share with you!  Please read below to learn about Part II of February’s ONE Club lesson, and highlight a new Empowerment Circle that just opened in South Africa!

First – the EBW ONE Club. Part II of February’s lesson on Building Relationships will be taught by Austin Empowerment Circle leader, Sara Russell. Sara Russell just celebrated her 20 year anniversary in the training and development field, loving the puzzle of how to best deliver content that is engaging and relevant. Now, after being hired by a host of Fortune 200 companies to assist their mid-level managers, Sara is pushing boundaries even further as CEO of Intra Satta and COO of Beyond Ten. Led by Sara and her business partner, their motto is that they don’t believe in training for training’s sake. Instead, they seek to address the person in the position by utilizing cutting edge technology and experiential modalities that focus on three things:

  1. Team ‘solution-ing’ that bridges generational gaps
  2. Autonomous micro learning opportunities for each unique individual
  3. Catalysts for informal coaching conversations

In Sara’s February lesson on Building Relationships, she will share a concept called Behavioral Styles. Once explained, it is an easy to follow model that will empower you to identify the primary fear, need and emotion of the person you are communicating with. Leveraging that kind of insight allows you to “speak their language” so they feel heard and understood. And that builds great relationships. Bonus: knowing your style and theirs really helps to avoid conflicts. After this lesson you will be able to:

  • Understand the primary fear, need and emotion of all 4 styles
  • Identify the outward clues for each of the 4 styles
  • Recognize those who are most difficult for you to communicate with

Sara will also be providing downloadable content in the Member Portal to complement the lesson.

And now for an exciting announcement – EBW2020 has just officially launched our Empowerment Circle in Gauteng, South AfricaCharlotte Blignaut is the incredible new leader for this Empowerment Circle.

Charlotte has 21 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a solopreneur. Charlotte’s background includes that she is a Neuro Semantics Business and Life Coach and a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, holds an Honors degree in Corporate Governance (NQF8), and she has also completed Neuroscience for Coaching – University of Pretoria. According to Charlotte: “Through my work with women over the past many years in an unexpected environment for this learning, watching them being left feeling empowered and inspired, I recognized that by helping them boost their confidence in a unique and fun manner, so much more was possible to do in transformation! It doesn’t matter if you are a female or a male business owner, being able to make confident and informed decisions comes from the empowerment you already have within. I decided to make this my mission to help empower others to find their success.”

Global Empowerment Circle leader Emra Smith attended the launch and shared her story and the Hope dream, reminding us of the message of EBW Founder/CEO’s Ingrid Vanderveldt, and how it has manifested & impacted her business and life – Believe the Impossible is Possible! Also in attendance was powerhouse Francois Joubert, head of Intelligent Millionaires Network in South Africa, and an international businessman. He added the most perfect & amazing value to the guests and members – Establishing your Worth, the most vital ingredient being our Self Talk.

Charlotte expresses gratitude to the guests who made this event happen, to Emra who flew all the way to South Africa to support and promote EBW2020 South Africa and her Hope future, and to Francois, who was the perfect example of how we can sit together make an impact.

Thank you for taking a moment of your time with us! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this latest update!

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