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Thank you for doing business with us. Your business allows all of us to work together and provide a FREE BUSINESS EDUCATION to all-enabling women and diverse individuals, from any background to gain access to the possibility and potential of becoming tomorrow’s leading innovator, business owner, intrapreneur and/or entrepreneur.

In turn, we are proud to help you reach your WMBE procurement, leadership, innovation, sales growth, cost efficiency, M&A goals and more.

At EBW you can connect to qualified, trained and vetted WMBE innovators, leaders, business owners, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. We provide Experiences, Projects, Data Insights, Connections to some of the top brands in the world seeking to be the preferred brand to women. With EBW they gain insight, exposure and access both online & offline to the women changing communities and the ‘unicorns’ making history where we provide ACCESS, EXPOSURE and RESULTS.

Whether you are seeking to:

+ Meet your WMBE procurement goals
+ Meet your diversity executive level hiring targets
+ Find investment possibilities before the market sees them
+ Find WMBE’s you can project finance
+ Find WMBE’s subcontractors to your prime
+ Find WMBE contractors to your business
+ Find trends, influencers and “unicorns”

+ Gain data insight and thought leadership
+ Gain insight into emerging market trends
+ Get ahead of competition in identifying emerging markets
+ Gain  financial transparency, analytics, and opportunities
+ Tap into the global startup ecosystem
+ Find solutions that reduce overall costs for internal business units
+ Gain access to a real-time data dashboard to inform your marketing/sales spend decisions

EBW is proud to serve as the channel to connect you to the qualified, trained and vetted opportunities and data you seek.

We have two primary working tracks:

Innovation, Access & Investment Track

Meet your internal business unit goals

  • Custom data dashboards
  • Strategic consulting - Corporate Startup Ecosystem/ Corporate Innovation
  • Internal leadership, media and PR development
  • Tactical solutions & events to reach innovation/ diversity goals

membership and sponsorship track

Gain insight, access, exposure and results

  • Annual data reports and invitation to our C- level roundtable gatherings
  • Dedicated Content inclusion
  • The BWW Sponsorship/ Speaking platform
  • The EBW Ecosystem sponsorship engagement for BWW


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