Iceland’s MLB.IS Reports on EBW and Ingrid Vanderveldt at Startup Iceland

Iceland’s MLB.IS Reports on EBW and Ingrid Vanderveldt at Startup Iceland

This week Ingrid Vanderveldt headed to Startup Iceland to talk with entrepreneurs and share her keynote address, “Making the Impossible, Possible”.  We’ve translated the original article into English here, reported by Sunna Sæmundsdóttir.


Translation:  “I cut my hair, bought glasses, stopped to paint me, went to pull instead of being havens. I was going to double me up. It was, however. Nothing went any further and I just looked scary, “said Ingrid Vanderveldt, an entrepreneur who has founded and sold a number of companies that aggregate sales billion.

Ingrid was a lecture on the Startup Iceland conference which takes place in Harpa today. The investor Bala Kamallakharan organizes this event where twenty speakers from various countries share their knowledge on innovation.


Intends to promote a billion women

Ingrid founded including fund Empowering a billion women by 2020 , which aims to promote women in innovation. The Fund’s website suggests she studies show that companies always goes better and create more income when women are in their control. Then reinvest women rather in other companies already doing well and is socially advantageous to promote women in business. Through the site you can get specific advice from Ingrid and resources if the idea is right.

Although Ingrid has reached far today she says that the initial steps have been heavy. She said that women should often find it difficult to share their mistakes at the beginning of the process as they have always had to put a lot of scratching up the stairs.

When she was nýútskrifuð and had spent months in search of capital for the first company she founded, she was finally told she colors simply not like other pioneers. She seized it to “man up” as mentioned earlier.

Out for convenience frame

She said the outlook had however not been the problem. Self-esteem was the root of the problem and Ingrid pointed out that many women should the same problem to tackle. “Being an entrepreneur is about how often you can stand up after a stumble,” she said, adding that women as well as men, had to step out of their comfort frame and learn to enjoy being there.

Requires both sexes to understand the market


Halla Tómasdóttir, investor and founder Aud Capital and Sisters Capital, discussed the gender gap in the financial world. “How on earth falls some thought to control exclusively composed of men understand the market fully?” Asked Wealth and pointed to studies showing that companies with women in control due to generally better than others.

She noted that women on the boards of investment has decreased since 1999. There she said a bad development, studies show that managers are more likely to invest in someone who resembles themselves.

“It may well be that it is easier to collect capital by being only a boy birth, but mixed teams do better in the long term,” said Halla.

“It can be intimidating to talk about this, but if you look at the data and see the difference, then you should be ready to make you feel uncomfortable in a while,” said Halla.

If you want to see the original article in the Iceland Press, you can view it here.

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