Healthcare Solutions

After the US could not get critical medical supplies during COVID from suppliers overseas, the US government made a commitment to shore up US production.  In particular, the US is investing over $200B for nitrile gloves.  The government made a commitment to spend at least 5% of that women women/ diverse owned business.

With this in mind, one of the top 3 health care companies who sells to the government, came to EBW to seek diverse suppliers for nitrile medical gloves. 

EBW identified and teamed with a 60-year old manufacturer to provide that diversification.  As a result, secured a supply distribution agreement (SDA) valued at $100-250M annually that is expected to earn gross margin to the health care company of 30% of the value of the SDA.


Fintech Innovations

VISA has long built the future of their business on new innovations identified through their annual innovation competitions and in-house innovation team.

VISA wanted to expand the number of women innovators in the portfolio and with that, created a women’s innovation competition to identify and recruit women in fintech.  VISA invested over $1M in this program.

60 days before the competition was set to go live, EBW received a call from their project team that they did not have the numbers of women participants they were looking for, nor the representation from all the global countries they were seeking. 

Within 2 weeks, EBW had filled VISA’s pipeline of desired companies.  EBW’s Founder additionally went onsite during the competition and helped to coach the participants and emcee the global competition.  Out of that competition, EBW helped find the winners who form the basis of a $10M innovation portfolio.