Message from EBW Founder/CEO: Why Your Success Is My Calling

It’s the New Year and no doubt you have some resolutions on bettering yourself and your business, but the question is – how will you get there?? In building your plan, some of the questions you might want to resolve are:

  • Do you struggle with “how do I actually make this happen?!” (mentorship/ guidance) or “I am not sure how to do this?” (know-how), or “why does it seem my male counterparts seem to move faster, get more deals done than I am?” (the right connections) to “Am I really able to pull this off?!” (confidence) and so much more?
  • Do you aspire to move your idea and business forward?
  • Do you aspire to generate a return on the effort and investment that you put in?

What if you could have:

  • coming together in the world’s most important and inspiring gathering of women of Faith. Service. Business. To fuel your soul, get new ideas, connect with one another, and find relationships that can help you and you can do business with?
  • A year round in person and virtual community of women who can support you?
  • A supportive community of likeminded women who have been there, done that and who you can bounce ideas off?
  • Would you like to improve your network of women (and some men) that you can pick up the phone and call when you feel stuck?
  • Are you looking for a framework that you can leverage while growing your business – including the foundations of growing revenue, cash flow, and business plans, as well as some issues that entrepreneurs often face like dealing with self-doubt or overcoming self-sabotage? Would you like to give yourself a leg up through such guidance as how to win over the media?

If any of the above resonates with you, then we invite you to read on!

This year- our focus is to double down on your success. That said, here at EBW we have also learned that one of the most valuable characteristics of women that drives us to create can also be our greatest downfall. That is- that while we want to create impact and reinvest 90% of what we earn back into our families, communities and ultimately the world- (which is why we teach how you can leverage this buying power to the attraction of partners/ corporations and more)… this also means:

  • We are the last people to invest in ourselves.

One of the biggest differences that I have seen and now experienced in doing business throughout my career and now with women- is that women want to succeed just as much if not more than our male counterparts. The difference is that the men understand that to move forward, to create connections, to open opportunities, to learn more, it requires making an investment in themselves and their business.

On the other hand, while women will spend money on their families (and of course things that make us feel good!)- we will often hold when it comes to investing in ourselves and our businesses.

As a result- women struggle not having the right mentorship, we struggle not having the right connections, we struggle not having the right know-how, we struggle not having the right mindset, we struggle not having the right support group around us who can encourage us on good days and bad.

And even worse- what still happens is something that you have probably already heard of and maybe, if you are like me, have experienced this in your own life and business- “The Queen Bee” Syndrome. Women who have been blessed to “break through” the former (I like to think of it as former 🙂 glass ceiling to achieve success and once they are there- they have worked so dang hard to get there that while they SAY they will encourage other women to do the same- the reality is something FAR different. Does this resonate with you? I bet many of you know what I mean.

Ladies- THIS is why I set up EBW.

YOUR success is my calling. YOUR success is my passion. YOUR success is my obsession. I know that God placed me on earth to do great things in the world, learn how to build million dollar and billion dollar ventures from having been broke and homeless in my car- so that I could figure out how to “do it”. And once I learned?!… my JOB is to make sure I share it with all of you- around the world.

I set up EBW so that I could TRULY deliver to you what I wished I would have always had…. Which is:

  • The RIGHT mentorship
  • The RIGHT connections
  • The RIGHT know-how
  • The RIGHT mindset
  • The RIGHT support group and more.

I love you all and at the same time, I am not messing around here. God has called me to reach a billion of you. This calling is what wakes me up in the middle of the night, wakes me up in the morning, infuses my mind as I go to sleep, what I think about during the day, what I think about as I sleep, eat, drink, pray and meet with others. YOU ARE IT.

So with this- I want to help you!

And I DON’T want MONEY to be the reason you do NOT move forward.

Now that said, it’s critically important here at EBW that we do our job to help women understand the value and opportunity of investing in yourself.


With that, we are offering a FREE 15 minute assessment call with you (VALUE- $50).

In this call we would like to understand where you are at, what you are trying to accomplish and be able to provide some suggestions on how to move forward, how to get more involved with EBW in a way that will enable us to serve you to reach your goals.

In that call, if it turns out that we have programs that we think could authentically help you succeed (some of them are free, some of them are paid)- we will talk with you about how we might be able to make it work financially to enable you to get the support you need to move forward.

Either way, at the end of the call- if you sign up for one of our programs, we will send you a FREE, “90 Days to Cash Flow” booklet (VALUE $97).

Here are some of the programs we offer that might be helpful to you!

  • ONE Club Membership: First, if you are not a ONE Club Member yet, we strongly encourage you to check it out! The ONE Club is an exclusive EBW network to help you connect, engage and learn the skills you need to grow personally and professionally. Through the EBW ONE Club you will have exclusive access to monthly lessons, live Q&A, a private Facebook group, a private EBW online community, downloadable content, and more. By becoming a ONE Club Member, you have access to both current and past offerings. Past lessons include Building Confidence with Money, Effective Ways to Eliminate Debt, Building Customer Pipelines, Opportunities for Women-Owned Businesses, Winning Over The Media, and many others! Upcoming lessons in 2018 include Bootstrapping While Growing Your Brand, How to Build Content to Drive Visibility, Social Media Marketing, How to Access Capital, and more!
  • Empowerment Pack: If you’re ready to make a bigger investment into yourself and your future, then the Empowerment Pack is for you. Your Empowerment Pack consists of 3 key components: 1) a 2018 All-Access Summit Pass, 2) a ONE YEAR subscription to the EBW ONE Club, and 3) the must have for every EBW woman- your EBW cape! We are so excited about the 2018 EBW Summit- which promises to be even bigger than last year! As a recap, during the Inaugural EBW Global Summit of 2017 as featured in Forbes, we saw such speakers as TINA TCHEN, Former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama, Executive Director of The White House Council on Women and Girls, STEVE FELICE, Former President & Chief Commercial Officer of Dell, ARNOLD BAKER, Former Chair of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, HUGE FORREST, Director at SXSW, JEN WELTER, the first female NFL coach, and many more! The Global Summit 2018 will build off of this momentum and is a must-see event filled with the most inspirational speakers! At this event we will be building in breakout sessions where you will be able to make new friends and colleagues, as well as form business connections that could be critical to you as you grow your business
  • Last – we have had many requests for people wanting to join me on my journey to Empower a Billion! This year you can come meet me at IV On The Road. We are building out our schedule now but estimate an approximate 24 different stops where I will be speaking directly to the community! You can also attend one of our Empowerment Circle gatherings – We have Empowerment Circles in locations ranging from Austin, TX, to London, England, to Gauteng, South Africa, with plans to open 50 more in 2018!

We would love to schedule a call with you for the FREE 15 minute assessment ($50 VALUE). If you are interested, please send me an email at and we will get you connected to someone who can help. Alternatively, if you are ready to make the investment in yourself now, please go to the following link!

Act Now!

As mentioned, if you sign up for one of our programs, now or following an assessment, we will GIFT you the “90 Days to Cash Flow” booklet (VALUE $97).

We are so excited to be partnering with you on your own journey, and we thank you for being part of the EBW Tribe!

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