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When you do business with us, you join us in providing aspiring women innovators and entrepreneurs with FREE access to over $1.3M of mentorship, infrastructure, support, business education, opportunity & a community to succeed. For those who qualify, we open up access to over $1B in contracts and capital and give credit where credit is due providing access, insights and data to inform the decision making of our partners.


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Join us for MintHer's Billionaire Weekend for Women to access the community that brings decision makers from the entrepreneurial (innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs) and enterprise (investors, corporates, government) worlds together to drive social and economic impact.



What started with a vision on a dirt road in Dallas Texas to “Empower a Billion Women by 2020”- has grown with our partners and women we serve with a focus to rebuild America and the world by powering women & diverse leaders to make it happen.  Our goal is to help unlock and support ventures that collectively will create over $100B in social and economic impact by 2030. We have built the step-by-step ecosystem using connections, experiences, data to make it happen.

Women reinvest 90% of what they earn back into their families, communities and ultimately the world.

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Access to innovators and leaders that help enterprises create triple bottom line impact


Access to leaders/ decision makers seeking to allocate contracts, capital and resources

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We are the world’s #1 ecosystem connecting the world’s top, trusted global brands, policy makers and media outlets seeking to allocate $1B in capital and contracts to qualified, vetted & trained women & diverse CEO’s. With these resources this new generation of CEO’s are expected to grow ventures that collectively create over $100B in social and economic impact across the globe. In this way, we are proud to empower women and the global brands they do business with and change the world for good- together.

Create, innovate + build the partnerships you love with the brands, mentors and capital we know and trust.

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