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We as women are often our own worst enemy. Not matter how smart, business saavy, or determined we are, we’re all susceptible to self-sabotage, an unconscious process where we get to a certain level of success and then run away from it. While no woman plans to get in the way of her own success, it’s something that we’ve seen happen over and over again. In order to help more women achieve their goals, EBW2020’s Soul Proprietor is partnering with Pat Pearson, motivational speaker and author of “Stop Self Sabotage”, in order to create a series that will give women the business focus to resolve any hidden sabotages and make their dreams a reality.
pat-pearson-quote-04After years as a therapist, Pearson discovered that every single one of her patients was talking about the exact same thing: they weren’t getting what they wanted in some area. While the area changes, they all were unhappy with where their lives were. Most importantly, she realized that it wasn’t the outside world that was causing them not to reach their goals, it was themselves. Pearson realized that everyone has this self-created barrier that stops them from getting what they want and since it’s a self-created barrier, it’s something that they can break down with the right information and knowledge.

Self sabotage stems from people having an unconscious feeling that they don’t deserve something. It’s not that someone would knowingly shoot themselves in the foot, it’s that they always  end up doing it anyway. It happens when someone reach a certain level of success and they get uncomfortable whether that would be a successful relationship, weight loss, or with a career. Regardless of if this discomfort manifests into procrastination, perfectionism, lack of commitment, or simple guilt for succeeding, with the proper tools and knowledge one can overcome this discomfort and finally reach their goals.

Through her 30-year career, Pearson has brought her message to thousands of women and has played a part in helping many women reach their personal and professional goals. Through her partnership with our Soul Proprietor series, Pearson hopes to bring her message to more women than ever before and pursue her mission “to touch lives and be apart of transforming goals into reality by helping every woman achieve their deepest wants. I want them truly believe they deserve the best for themselves!”

Our goal at EBW2020 is to show women that success is not just measured by tactical business strategies, but also by the confidence and self-motivation one has to put those dreams into motion. Pearson wants women to know that “you have the power to change your reality. That with new and powerful information on how to turn around any self sabotages, you can have a breakthrough to deserving more success, health, or a great relationship.”

Author- Dana Summers EBW Studios

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