Ann-Christine Langselius

September 13, 2016

Ann-Christine Langselius, MBA, PhD is Senior Vice President for Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions at Cellucci Associates, Inc. Additionally, as Chief Executive Officer of MG Enterprise Invest Group AB and Miraculum Applications AB her areas of expertise include: operations management and build-up, investment capital fundraising, company development and international market growth. In her role as CEO of MG Enterprise Invest Group AB, she guides company development including setting targets for increased growth through marketing, sales, and recruitment, business development, market analysis and business intelligence, coaching knowledge to generate growth by creating and developing new and existing customers. Dr. Langselius also serves as the Chairman of the Nüwa investment platform where she provides strategic leadership, as well as developing and executing the business models including recruitment, development of business plans and business models, leadership and coaching, sourcing investment capital, negotiating with international partners, and team recruitment and development. Along with Dr. Thomas Cellucci, she operates the Global Security Technology television channel, or GST-TV, a Web-based channel, that will offer informative, no-nonsense programming aimed at uncovering the essential requirements of both public and private organizations with respect to their security needs.

Miraculum, Incorporated USA is a U.S. corporation founded in 2015, referred to as “Miraculum” (Latin for miracle) or “Miraculum Fire”. Our patented and patent pending, highly effective, eco-friendly fire safety products address structure fires as well as the wildfire industries. Our portfolio of products have proved highly-effective in both prevention and during active firefighting through extensive and exhaustive testing of our products by third-party research entities. Through our extensive testing other uses became apparent, i.e. oil and gas industry, textiles (fire blankets), inside walls, glass, facades, property perimeters creating “fire gates”, kitchen grease fires and even auto fires.  Miraculum’s products can be used for textiles, in aerial firefighting, in a variety of types of fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, surface coatings, and home furnishings are just a few of the area of uses for Miraculum’s family of eco-friendly products. Miraculum’s IP is both ground-breaking and disruptive technology.