Todd O’Brien

November 21, 2016

Todd is a passionate entrepreneurial sales and marketing leader with over 20 years of experience in marketing, product management, enterprise hardware & software, services sales, sales leadership and coaching. Todd has worked in very large organizations but also launched his own successful business and worked for a start-up that was acquired. He has also been working with start-ups in the UK to scale up their businesses.

todd-obrien-meme-01He has a diverse background in Marketing, Product Marketing and Sales. Not only has Todd consistently attained his number but has provided thought leadership and market strategies to each organization. He is a creative leader and innovative when it comes to challenging situations always finding a way to win. He is a strong people developer and focuses on the critical few to drive for success.

From musician to startup, to sales, marketing and leadership, Todd has done it all. Recently as Entrepreneur in residence he’s here to share with you his knowledge about how Dell and other brands engage with startups, what they look for and how to approach them.

Todd can be reached at:



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