Women2Watch Ingrid Vanderveldt

October 31, 2016

susan-roccoIt’s not every day that a 5’2” woman in pumps walks into a radio station and says, “Hey, I’d like to have my own show,” but that’s exactly how Susan Foley Rocco landed her gig as founder and host of Women to Watch™. (Once you listen to a sampling of her interviews, you’ll be glad she did.

A life-long resident of the Philadelphia area, with a Communications degree from Villanova University, Rocco’s career has included stints in public relations, sales, marketing, and advertising. Each one of these experiences was a lesson that would eventually lead to the position she holds today, and the show she decided to create.

Never one to pass up a quality get-to-know-you chat, Rocco discovered a knack for getting people to open up and share something personal about them. (No doubt spurred by her Irish-born affection for storytelling.) It didn’t click until much later though, that she was grooming herself for a job she had dreamed about her entire life.
When life handed Susan an opportunity for a career transition, she eschewed lament and went straight into formulating plan B: creating a talk show spotlighting women leaders from around the world, in a variety of professions. Her deeper goal was to use these stories as a way to educate and inspire women in order to strengthen their self-esteem, and encourage more women to try and find their own passion and purpose in life.
From C-Suite executives from companies like Comcast, Thomson Reuters, The Federal Reserve and IBM, to top media representatives like ABC News Foreign Correspondent Martha Raddatz and Joan Lunden, to activists like Sister Mary Scullion of Project Home and Dawn Engle, Founder of Peace Jam,Rocco has brought attention to not only successes, but to the challenges, doubts and even failures faced across the board by women trying to make it in their chosen career. In choosing to create conversations that avoid bragging in favor of inspiring, Rocco is providing a non-threatening platform for women to learn confidence. And though she’s on the other side of the microphone, Rocco is an inspiration herself, proving that taking risks and following your instincts IS the key to building self-esteem.