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Success Starts with a Plan

Currently, only 2% of women-led businesses exceed the $1M mark. At EBW2020, we take this statistic seriously and we are on a mission to break through this number. We have set a goal to inspire 1M women to reach the $1M mark. But, we know you can’t reach these figures without a solid plan.

That’s why, we’ve created the EBW Success System – a personalized, transformational blueprint that will put your business on the right track to grow and scale towards this $1M goal.

What’s Included in the Success System

The EBW Success System depending on your level selected gives you a monthly financial analysis, a professional advisor to consult with, financial matching, tools to make better professional decisions and the right connections to support your growth.



A financial matching platform to match your business with debt, equity and corporate supplier diversity to start, grow and scale your business. At Platinum level, a professional advisor will assess your business and prepare a fully customized financial analysis, plus you receive a 30-minute call to review your monthly report.

EBW One Club


Online tools, classes and downloadable resources for personal and professional growth, plus access to our private online community of like-minded women.

EBW Chapters


Special invitations to our signature and live events and access to our local chapters so you can connect with other EBW members and women leaders and entrepreneurs in your area.

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  • Cost less than a part time CFO $1200
  • MintHER™ Platinum

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  • Gain Visibility into Revenue
  • Less Than a Part time CFO + a business strategist average cost $2700/ mo
  • EBW Intelligent Business

    EBW MintHER™

    Intelligent Business offers a wide range of business analytics, key performance indicators, reports & practical recommendations, including industry peer benchmarking. Our analysis will show you how to save money and make more money by showing you key financial ratios for your industry and a personalized roadmap for business improvement and growth. You’ll get monthly assessments, plus a personal advisor to review your reports and coach you through it.

    EBW One Club

    Gain access to our global network of female entrepreneurs and our exclusive online membership with monthly trainings focused on business development AND personal development, plus our very own exclusive EBW social community. You’ll get the tools, classes and downloadable resources to build and grow your business.

    EBW Local Chapters

    80% of women want to be mentored by other women. EBW Chapters provide local events where women can connect in-person, while engaging in learning and networking opportunities with like-minded women in their area.

    What You Get in Your Monthly Analysis

    Business Performance Scorecard

    Review a snapshot of your company’s financial state – liquidity, profitability, asset efficiency, and growth – compared to industry peers.

    Business Risk

    Review your company’s financial health and its ability to weather typical market fluctuations, accurately determining its viability.


    Analyze your Liquidity position using an innovative proprietary measure determining working capital needs while modeling ways to improve cash sufficiency with “what-if” scenarios.


    Evaluate your Profitability performance and model “what-if” scenarios designed to help improve performance and placement amongst industry peers.

    Industry Metrics

    View annual financials, median statistics, charts, ratios and more of your industry competitors or peer groups.

    Loan Risk

    Assess a business’s financial viability and its ability to repay new debt obligations, allowing for quick and effective loan decisions.

    Financial Statement Spreading

    Compare multiple years of financials side-by-side, with industry peer benchmarking for each itemized Income Statement and Balance Sheet account, with Financial Ratios.

    Business Valuation

    Evaluate your company’s market value using commonly used valuation techniques aided by insightful comparison to industry peers.

    Let’s Get Started

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    You’ll get:
    • A custom financial analysis for your business.
    • A 30-minute call each month with a professional advisor to review your assessment and progress.
    • Access to our local chapter events.
    • Access to our EBW One Club with monthly trainings on personal and professional development.
    • An online and offline support group (your new tribe!).
    • An exclusive social networking group + access to our private Facebook group.

    EBW Success System

    $29700Setup Fee
    • + $49/month

    Other Available Options

    EBW ONE Club Membership

    $29.97 per Month

    Join our online community of women seeking to own their fullest worth. ONE Club provides monthly trainings geared toward building your business and yourself. You'll get access to the skills, people, and tools you need to achieve your goals.

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    EBW Certified Concierge Coaches

    Starting at $150/hour

    Take your learning to the next level! Learn to own your fullest worth, grow your wealth & grow your impact with our coaches. From life to wealth to financial planners, EBW Certified Coaches are here to help.

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