Welcome to our January 2018 IV Club Experience Leaders!

Last week, extraordinary global leaders met in San Diego, California to kick off the IV Club Experience. The IV Club Experience (IVX) was created for women who are focused on making a global impact with their businesses, seeking to work with like-minded world-class leaders and fast track their growth by aligning with colleagues who think and “play big”.

IVX gives access to world-class leaders, thinkers, influencers and deal makers seeking to understand, learn, connect, grow and take action. In IVX leaders have exposure to a community of people who want to succeed at extraordinary levels. Leaders are invited in who have the intention of learning how we can “do business together” to create economic and social growth, increased jobs and wealth creation. Everything is structured in a way to bring together people seeking to innovate, collaborate and ultimately “deal make” to help one another grow today and into the future.

In January 2018 we welcomed 4 incredible women leaders into this fold.

First, Jackie Heinricher is a Pro Racer and Founder & CEO of Booshoot. Jackie Heinricher is a visionary entrepreneur & scientist and the FIRST female pro racing driver to race Lamborghini and take the podium. She was named one of the Top Ten Innovators by Seattle Magazine and has authored several U.S. and International patents. As founder of Booshoot, Heinricher launched and built a company that got its humble beginnings in her garage, dividing plants by hand, in Anacortes, WA. Booshoot led the world in innovative forestry and Ag plant sciences enabling commercial production of fast growing, sustainable and highly productive food and forestry crops without GMO. She earned her master’s of science degree in fisheries from Tennessee Tech University, has authored numerous patents and articles for peer reviewed journals, and has been featured in the Seattle Times, New York Times, NPR and Reader’s Digest, among others. Amongst her many accomplishments, Ms. Heinricher proudly served in the United States Air Force as a medic.

Dr. Dalal Akoury is Founder and President of the Integrative Advanced Medicine Institute. Dr. Akoury is also a Healthcare Educator, Author/Researcher, Media Contributor, and Global Speaker. As a Women’s Health speaker, she focuses on the specific needs of women. She encourages women to take ownership of their health, wellbeing, and careers, empowering them with the right tools. Dr. Akoury says, “My mission is to ignite the spark of health deep within everyone, and to allow this sparkle of wellness to shine through everyone’s eyes, becoming one with the universe, and aligning body, mind, and spirit.”

Kiri-Maree Moore, Founder of Decision Velocity, is a Global Influencer and Innovator through her revolutionary mastering of “The Art Of Decisions” ™. A phenomenal Advisor & Strategist who truly leads daily by her mantra “No Excuses. No Limitations No Buts!” ™ Leaving a legacy worth living for she is CEO x 2 + Founder for a company she co-owns with her Husband, Million Dollar Coach and her organization called “Decision Velocity® Global”. She loves to work with leaders of leaders, rewriting how culture looks across the leadership landscape and segways the decisions made at the top to give voice and advocacy to those on the forefront of humanity. She speaks, writes, trains and travels the world on a nomadic journey while being a wife, a mama of six kids and even a Gigi to her grandson.

Courtney Santana, Founder & CEO Survive2Thrive, is a loving wife and a well-known vocalist, actress, and performer, a new author, as well as, a renowned advocate, community volunteer and activist and is a 19-year survivor of domestic violence and abuse. She works tirelessly in the domestic violence movement including serving as an advocate for Vice President Biden and VAWA and 2017, she received the Dewey Winburne Award from SXSW. In 2013, she founded the charity, The Survive2Thrive Foundation and in 2015, she founded S2T Capital Ventures, LLC. She uses collaboration, connection, innovation through technology and collective thought to bring light to the growing homelessness epidemic in domestic violence community. Because of this work, Courtney has been featured in numerous magazines and media, activities and in her home city of Austin, Texas, March 2 has been deemed Courtney Santana Day in her honor.

IVX is a one of a kind, exceptional opportunity for those women looking to scale their businesses. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Emra at emra@ebw2020.com.

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