EBW20/20: A movement bringing clarity of vision, access and results for a new future.

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Unlocking the $28 trillion SHEconomy for women and the trusted corporations and investors who do business with us at scale.


We help women get the help, access and resources they need to build the impact/ wealth creating companies of the future.  We help our corporate and investment partners gain exposure, access and results by working in partnership to deliver the right solutions, for the right leaders, at the right time that creates sustainable wins for all.  

The SHEconomy.World is EBW’s global data initiative that leverages a 7-step success system to bring together promising opportunities and insight to new market opportunities across the globe.   

EBW is the solution.

We are engineers, technologists, corporate executives, innovators, investors, and media experts who have come together to empower the Brands of the Future with a pipeline of women-led solutions. How do we do it? We are building the world’s largest AI-powered database of qualified, vetted, and trained women business owners who together are shifting the needle on the creation and control of wealth and impact. It is our moonshot to solve the United Nations’ 300-year gender parity gap claim from November 2022 in our decade.

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This recognition marked a significant milestone in our history, encapsulating our dedication to the $28T global SHEconomy. As a certified Woman-Owned Small Business, this accolade has been a beacon of our commitment to empowering a billion women and to the broader social, health, and economic well-being of women. Three years on, we continue to build on this foundation of success, driving forward with the same passion and purpose that earned us this distinguished honor.