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EBW2020 Empowering a Billion women by 2020, a global company that connects women entrepreneurs to funding resources by providing an education system, a range of digital technology tools, leadership skills, a financial plan and access to a community of like-minded thinkers who help you accelerate your business growth for a bigger impact

EBW2020 inspires women to be “The ONE” [of the billion] and offers: A community of like-minded thinkers; A Success System to help women turn their dreams into reality; Opportunities to connect to resources; a support system to encourage women to keep going and finally- recommended products, services and solutions women can buy and choose to power their business success.

You bring the burning desire to start, grow and scale your business (past the $1M revenue mark & beyond) & create impact.

We bring the confidence building, leadership skills & money (financial know-how & access) to help make it happen.

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EBW2020 Annual Summit

Scale the Beautiful Life + Venture You Imagine

EBW Chapters


Local gatherings providing  support and mentorship &  continual learning from  online ONE Club classes

EBW’s ONE Club


Online scaleable education,  mentorship & a global  community of peers.

EBW’s MintHER™


Optimize your finances & match to  money to scale with success.

EBW Accelerator + Events


Mentorship, classes and accelerators  geared to help you scale with success.

The IV Club

Brought to you by EBW


By invitation only to fast growth high potential women  growing and scaling ventures over $100M mark.

Home of The Billionaire Weekend for Women.

Recommended for those starting or under $1M in revenue

Recommend for businesses over the $1M mark who aspire to go over the $100M annual  revenue mark.

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EBW2020’s MintHER: Managing Financials & Allocating Capital

MintHER can help you to get ahold of your financials, while finding debt, equity, and revenue opportunities! Getting your financials in order and accessing those opportunities is critical – as highlighted by one of our entrepreneurs: [...]

April 11th, 2018|0 Comments

Speaking to a Group by Sara Russell

Manage Your Confidence When Speaking to a Group By Sara Russell You’ve worked so hard on your pitch/presentation/talk and you know that if it goes well, you’ll be making the difference in this world you [...]

March 16th, 2018|0 Comments

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