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Other ways we can help you


Keynote speaker

I am seeking a world-class keynote to inspire, engage and activate my audience.


$5,000-$25,000 + travel expenses

Consulting services

I am seeking consulting services to help me as a leader, to work with me on my vision/ plans one-on-one


$150/hr- $1,500/hr

Team workshop

I am seeking a workshop for me and my team to provide expert feedback and development on our game plan and help fast track execution of our strategy and results.

Half day is $25,000 and a full day is $45,000 + travel expenses

Founder groups

I am seeking to explore one of the invitation-only Founder groups


$12,500-$15,000 – annual

Influencer outreach

I am seeking the help to bring together and/or be part of a group of influencers around our cause/ mission/ vision/ marketing & sales initiative

Fees are project based

Strategy/Privacy policy initiatives

I am seeking to strategize on public/ private policy related initiatives as part of an overall marketing and outreach program to activate innovators and women.
Please see consulting fees


I am seeking to become a member of The SHEconomy.World.

Great! You can start here!

Sponsorship offer

I would like to sponsor and host activations with The SHEconomy.World.
Great! Please email susan@ebw2020.com and request a sponsor packet

Confidential fixer

Help!  I am seeking a confidential “fixer” I can trust to come in and help me accomplish a vision or a goal that those around me think is impossible or in question.  (Please note, these are reserved for mission-critical activities that involve our highest level of attention and confidentiality.

Fees are based on the specific project and tend to start at 6 figures. These solutions are recommended for those leaders needing critical business fixes and/or measurable market penetration/ activation initiatives.
Didn’t find what you are looking for? Please email admin@ebw2020.com to request a follow up call.


Consulting services

I am seeking consulting services to help me as a leader, to work with me on my vision/ plans one-on-one


$150/hr- $1500/hr

VIP coaching session

I would like to explore a VIP Coaching Session.  (These are reserved for non-corporate leaders seeking one-on-one strategy sessions.)

$15,000 for a 1.5 in person session with monthly accountability follow up calls

Event sponsorships

I am seeking EBW to be a sponsor for my event. (Please send your specific request to susan@ebw2020.com. In your request, please outline how the sponsorship can help EBW move the mission of EBW forward and the business opportunity that both you and EBW will receive with our involvement).

Ready to move forward?
Please email admin@ebw2020.com and we can answer any other questions and get your request processed and scheduled.