Working towards crafting a world that’s socially and economically inclusive.

Welcome to the heartbeat of transformation!

At EBW, our Founder is a visionary, dedicating our focus and investments to four dynamic pillars, all working towards crafting a world that’s socially and economically inclusive. Enter the realm of the SHEconomy.World (its where The SHE-conomy name comes from!) – where investments transcend boundaries, opening pathways to a future that’s vibrant, empowered, and globally connected.


Social Tech

In the world of EBW, Social Tech is the powerhouse driving initiatives that catapult women into unprecedented realms of social and economic success. Imagine scalable solutions that are not just innovative but transformative, creating opportunities that ripple through communities. It’s not just about ideas; it’s about amplifying impact on a grand scale.


Health Tech

Here, health isn’t just a pillar; it’s the bedrock on which dreams stand. Our journey began with a commitment to well-being, an ethos ingrained in our Founder’s family involved in healthcare. In the crucible of the pandemic, EBW Cares Distributors emerged, forging a path that led to its acquisition by Shield Technologies and
Manufacturing in March 2023. Today, health-related investments pulse under the Shield brand, pushing boundaries and
redefining the future of healthcare solutions.


EDU Tech

Education is not just about knowledge; it’s about empowerment. EBW’s commitment to Edu Tech was forged in the crucible of a $100M fund partnership with Dell Technologies. Unraveling the mystery of underrepresentation, we invested over $500,000 to birth the EBW Accelerator, an entity that now thrives within The SHEconomy.World ecosystem. It’s not just education; it’s a revolution that equips women with the know-how to seize


FIN TECH (The Economy)

Behold the engine that powers dreams – FIN TECH at SHEconomy.World! It’s not just a platform; it’s a catalyst for change, unlocking the staggering $28 Trillion SHEconomy. Picture this – our goal is not just to break ceilings but to shatter them. We’re on a mission to facilitate $1B in contracts and capital for ventures that champion women or are led by visionary women. The revolution is financial, and it starts here.

Acquired by Booker

Booker acquired by MindBody

Acquired by Shield Manufacturing

Dive into a world where investments aren’t just about numbers; they’re about creating ripples that redefine possibilities.

Welcome to EBW, where every investment is a step towards a more vibrant, inclusive, and empowered tomorrow.

Your journey begins now.